One Lonely Link

The lovely E.J. Russell invited me to participate in the Writing Process Blog Chain and while I am excited to be a part of it, unfortunately I’m only a link, not a chain. As you move through our various links you’ll learn about our writing process as we all answer the following questions:

1)   What am I working on?
Right now, I’m trying to decide if I’m going to continue on with my paranormal series or write something completely different. The first book in the trilogy is complete but rejected. One of the worst things an author can do, at least in my experience and based on feedback from terrific experts, is to dive into the rejected book looking for the problems. It needs time away from the light where it can rest and fade from memory. After a few months, it will seem new and foreign and be open to change.

2)   How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Like many authors, I write what I love and that is Portland. I tend to keep my stories focused in and under the City of Roses. So far, it’s the setting that sets me apart.

3)   Why do I write what I do?
I love the darker side of romance. We all have a darkness that lives deep inside us whether or not we want to admit it. I like to grab hold of that hairy black beast and drag it growling and howling into the light, into the happily-ever-after that never fails to give me a rush.

4)   How does my writing process work?
It’s always something small that sparks me. An old photo, a line of dialogue, a snarky comment that I want to spew in real life but can’t. Then I nurse that glow into a raging bonfire with the first draft. Sometimes, it burns too hot and I have to backtrack through the coals and temper the flames.

Each time I sit at the keyboard I read what I wrote the previous day. It inspires me and keeps me on track. So does mapping out what I hope to accomplish in the next scene. A few quick sentences, maybe drawing out the room my characters are in and then BAM! it’s go-time. Once I’ve hit “The End” I let it marinate for six weeks while I do something new. When I’m ready, it’s usually two more revision passes and then it goes to my critique partners for critical feedback. The grand finale is always the submission to my targeted publisher.

Please watch for C.Morgan Kennedy’s post on January 27th.

C.Morgan Kennedy I am an author, writer, artist, and marketing professional. I write Multicultural Futuristic Urban Fantasy and Americana Steampunk adventures.


2 thoughts on “One Lonely Link

  1. It’s always cool to see how other writers work, Gina. I’ve noticed when I tackle the manuscript after the first draft, I sometimes go into sit-and-spin mode, which makes me wonder if I shouldn’t wait longer than a couple of weeks. Great post!

  2. Reblogged this on Nikka Michaels and commented:
    Check out the lovely Gina Fluharty’s stop in the Writing Process Blog Chain.

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